Shy Guys


f.l.t.r. Roland BaischPatty Moresco – Udo Schöbel

plus Clemens Winterhalter, Steff Kaiser and Christoph Löckle

1989 founding member of the comedy group The SHY GUYS. Author, actor and musician

1989 – Revue: Harakiri a GOGO just for laughs – Montreal

1989 Musical: Life is a party, we ́re not invited – New York Off-Broadway

1990 – Musical:Rats Premiere: THEATERHAUS STUTTGART 1991 Revue:MixTour 1993 – Revue: Body and Soap 1994 –Revue: Schmonz-Show

At the very beginning : IN THE GHETTO ( VHS 1986 )

Mid 80s: In response to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, at that time the most expensive video ever produced, ROLAND BAISCH and UDO SCHÖBEL as SHY GUYS made the cheapest video ever produced. Together with PATRIZIA MORESCO in the role of Mama and Hella Böhm at the camera. Note the microphone in the fruit bowl!

The big wide world of television: TEQUILA ( RTL 1994 )

SHY GUYS at the RTL night show with host Thomas Koschwitz as the death drinkers from Acapulco and your alcohol acrobatics act: Tequila!